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Imagine leaving this world behind and walking into a romantic bubble from a simpler era, when lovers had time to linger in the warmth of their heartfelt emotions.  Enter a room and allow harp music to waft over you, as you sip a warm cup of tea and nibble a dainty confection. The play begins as you relax deeper into this place, where young women craft lavish Valentine cards and unrequited lovers dream of passionate rendez-vous.  This is Theatre for the Heart.  Enter and nourish your spirit and your senses.
Events can be tailored to fit your party’s needs.  Choose from various chocolates and confections, harp music, tea or wine, a speaker about the history of Valentine’s cards; your guests can even craft original valentine cards, or bring in their favorite token of love to share with each other.



Here is what audiences are saying. . .


“Miss Valentine is an elegant and poignant play about lost loves, friendship, and the birth of the Valentine. This charming play enlightens audiences about important 19th century women in an enjoyable and heartfelt way.”


“I didn’t want it to end, and I don’t want to get up.  I just want to linger in this moment forever.”


“Equal parts wry wit, human insight, and historical reference.  Ms. Bernard makes us laugh, wince, and think deeply about where women are in the world and the power struggles they experience.”


“It’s ‘American Girl’ for grown-ups!”

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